Moving projects between pc and mac

Hi all,

Anyone got problems with some plugins not reading parameters when moved from pc to mac (or viceversa)?

I recently got the chance of working with a re-recording studio that has aquired nuendo for playback. They have mac, i have pc. In some reels altiverb 7 does not load all parameters, some are wrong values, some are ok. On pc they are fine.


In a word…yes. My main rig is a Windows machine and I have a MacBook Pro as well. It’s pretty hit or miss depending on the plugin. It’s really down to whether the plugin manufacturer has tested for Mac/pc compatibility. Some plugins have different “id’s” between Mac and pc (manufacturer’s fault) so they come up “missing” when you try to open the session on either platform even though the plugins are installed and working fine on both. Others, as you have found, don’t open with the stored settings. In these cases you need to save the preset separately and import the settings. It’s actually made me consider selling the MacBook Pro and just getting a Windows laptop (tried boot camp and that had another set of annoyances). You can’t really blame steinberg, I think it’s down to the plugin manufacturer fully testing across both platforms. Some plugins work perfectly between Mac and pc.