Moving rating preferences (stars) to a new PC - Cubase 8.5

I installed cubase to a newly formatted pc
I would like to move my star rating attributes from my older daw (1 star - 5 stars etc)
I have the standard cubase 8.5 instruments plus Halion 5 (so I also have halion sonic 2 that came with it)
I moved the MediaDefaults.xml in the proper folders in the " %appdata%/Steinberg" directories (cubase 8.5, Halion 5, Groove Agent SE etc)
but it didn’t work
I only have a few 4 star rated presets and most of them are 3 star rated (while I had a lot of 5 star rated presets in my old pc and even the 4 star ones arent all the ones I had)
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance

Maybe this file?

mediabay3.bin (former versions: mediabay.bin)


That was it! Everything seems fine now. Thanks a lot!