moving regions

Is there a way to move regions as a unit? If not, could we have something like, option-click one of the region markers and have the entire region move its location but keep its length?

When would you use this?

To be honest, I was thinking more of a loop region than a regular region. It often happens when looping an electronic instrument that a good loop is found later in a sample and can simply be shifted forward as a unit and achieve the same effect while allowing the sample to be shortened. Of course, I know I can lock the length of the loop in the loop tweaker and move it this way, but this is an extra step and isn’t nearly as intuitive as just grabbing the loop as a whole and visually moving it. Plus, moving the entire loop in the loop tweaker is extremely slow, since it seems to move almost imperceptibly with each click of the green arrow and even sliding the wave in the top display is fairly tedious. I want to quickly move the entire loop to a different location and hear how it works.

As far as moving other regions this way - I probably wouldn’t need this function with regular regions as often as I’d need it with loop regions, but I can’t think of any disadvantage to having a system in place to make this possible . It would just offer another possible way to work.