Moving rests horizontally and vertically

I searched for this, but did not find what I need. Sorry, if it has been discussed already.

I want to move rests to avoid collisions of very simple type (see the attached PNG image). I thought I can simply go to Engrave mode and start moving these stubborn guys, but could not do it. What is the secret here? Thank you so much. :slight_smile:
Moving rests.png

You can move rests vertically right now. You will be able to adjust the horizontal spacing of rests (and also notes) in the imminent version 1.1 upgrade - and that will also give finer control over vertical positioning of rests.

In the current version, open the Properties panel (Ctrl-8) and switch on the β€œRest pos.” property. 0 is the center line of the staff. You can change it in increments of one note-position.

Thank you so much, Rob. Appreciated. :slight_smile: