Moving sample libraries from intel to AMD problems?

Hey guys I dont know if anyone has ever done this but I am building a new system and moving away from intel and going to AMD.
I will be doing a fresh install of windows (10 or 11) and cubase 12 pro along with fresh reinstall of all my vst3 plugins.
But, should i be concerned with taking my sample library ssd 2.5 drives and putting them into the AMD system and moving them to new m.2 drives. Or should i do a fresh install of all libraries which include both Native acces and 3rd party libraries ?
Couldn’t find anything on this online and you cant speak with a human at native instruments so i figured this was faster.


No worries, everything will go smooth.

Thank you so much thats a relief. This decision to move to AMD has been a little daunting just because i have to reinstall all my 3rd party vst3 plugins for mixing. To have to do that for my sample libraries i think i would have quit abd stuck with intel haha