Moving selected lyrics above the stave

I’m working on a choral piece in which the parts split. The split parts sometimes have slightly different lyrics or rhythms, so having all of the lyrics on the same line makes it virtually unreadable. I’ve been messing around with selecting lyrics and trying to move them above the stave, but I can never seem to find the right option. I don’t want to move all of the lyrics, and the lyrics I do want to move are not distinguished by the lyric line. I’ve tried to manually move each lyric up above the stave, but this doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

Select the lyrics you want to move, and type F (which applies the multipurpose Flip function). What this actually does, specifically with lyrics, is set the Line Placement property to Above.

And if you know you’ll want them above, before inputting them, with the lyric popover open, press Shift-up arrow.