Moving settings over to a new document

I’ve been working on Act 1 of an opera and have tweaked a lot of settings, altered fonts and added a number of expressions. I’ve tried to keep track of these things but it would be easier if I could empty Act 1 and use it as a template for Act 2, hopefully retaining all the Act 1 alterations. I know I could save my settings as defaults but I’d rather not do that right now and besides, some of these settings/expressions are specific to this piece. I’ll be importing from an XML (this’ll be one of the last times I do this!). Is it advisable to erase all the entries in the Act 1 file and paste those in from the Act 2 import? Does anyone else have experience with this?

Your best bet is to import Act 2 as a separate flow into your previous document.

Ah, you mean add it as a new flow to the existing Act 1 file? I’ve heard reports of long files becoming very slow in Dorico (and most other programs) and I was hoping to avoid that by using separate files.

Yes, but then save it as a new file and delete the Act 1 flow.

Or it’s also quite easy to save the file as a copy, delete everything (literally everything) in the existing file, and save it as a “template.”

Just for clarification, are there some of the settings that go with the flows and not with the entire file? If so, considering this “template” thing is a common requirement, it would probably be worthwhile to have a short white paper talking about the this technique.

I was also wondering about which settings might apply to an entire file and which only to a flow.

Ah yes. Well, any changes you made in Notation Options, which are indeed flow-dependent.

I just had an epiphany… that explains why my XML imports sometimes look a little different. They’re a different flow, so the Notation Options (at least, the ones I didn’t set as default for all future documents) aren’t carrying over!

Ok then, delete everything in your flow (after you save it to a new file) and work with that.

If you do import a new flow, or an XML file, copy-paste it into the original flow to make sure your settings carry over for that document.

Thanks, Dan!

Perhaps you could paste Act 2 at the end of the Act I and then use Write > Split Flow? The new flow I think would inherit all the settings of the old.

It seems like we really need Import -> Flow SETTINGS, which would bring over the settings, but not the music.

I guess that would be essentially the same thing as:
Save As -> Template (which would save the project and all of its flows, but with no music – just settings)
Apply Template (which would give the option to apply only the project-level settings, only the settings save as a particular template flow, or both.)

If you really like your Notation options (as they’re flow dependant), you can Save as default… Just sayin…

Vaughan, those two operas I sent you were each one Dorico project. There’s some slowing down towards the end, particularly if you change the Layout in some way, but it’s not painful. I did each Act as a separate Dorico file to get the notes in, and then imported each one into the first to do the layout.

Layout Options affect, well, Layouts. Engraving Options affect the whole document. Notation Options affect each flow. (The clue is that each Flow is listed on the right hand side.)