Moving songfiles .cpr without leaving bits behind.

Hello Everybody

I’ve been using Cubase off and on since the Atari days of Pro 24. In recent years I’ve upgraded to my current set-up of Cubase 10.5 Pro, Absolute 4 and a few other Steinberg bits.

Over time I have upgraded, added programs and transferred my back catalogue of ideas, experiments etc. onto my current computer and as a result I seem to have bits of Steinberg in all sorts of places!!!

I am just about to take delivery of a new computer and it will have 3 large capacity hard disks.

My questions are:-

Is it a good idea to put everything, the programs, songs and all the rest on one ‘Steinberg’ hard disk or could it create problems?

How do I move all my songs from my old computer to the new one without losing audio files etc. as I have done in the past?

Does anyone have a system to catalogue songs and ideas so they are easily accessible and don’t get lost, perhaps by date of creation.

Any help will be gratefully received.

Louis :smiley:

No I wouldn’t create a Steinberg exclusive disk. For example the Cubase program wants to install on your system disk (usually C:), while you can force it elsewhere that is just asking for problems later. The conventional wisdom would be to use one disk for both the OS and your own non-music related files, i.e. your Window account’s folder. Then use a second for your Cubase Projects and the third for Sample Libraries.

If any of the disks are SSD’s you’ll get the most benefit from putting the OS disk there. A second SSD would do more good on your libraries than for Projects.

If you simply copy the entire Folder for each Project to the new PC all of the audio should be included. But that “should” assumes that all the audio for each Project is in the folder for that Project. But sometimes folks will create Project A and then use Project A as a starting point for Project B. If this isn’t done properly you can end up with Project B putting it’s audio in Project A’s folder. When that happens and then everything gets moved Project B can’t find its audio anymore. The way to get everything in the right place is to use the Cubase command Backup Project to create an entirely new Project with all the audio exactly where it should be.

Hi Raino
Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

My first disk is SSD and I will install Cubase there. I’ll also follow your advice with the sample libraries and Cubase projects I have.

It looks like I have saved some .cpr files into a folder called ‘Cubase Music’ There are about 40 .cpr files in this folder. Also within this folder is an audio folder and an images folder. They contain all the .wav and .peak files for the 40 songs and because they are numerically named, it is difficult to work out to which .cpr file they are linked. Your solution is perfect! I’ve just tried it and it’s sorted out my problem completely.

Hopefully your weather is better that ours, cold and wet here in Plymouth England. Have a great day :slight_smile:

I know it’s tedious but what you can do is open up each project, then go to File -> Back Up Project and resave each one to its own folder with only its audio files copied over. As far as I know there’s no automated way to have Cubase do them all at once, though.

EDIT - Nevermind this was already suggested. :mrgreen: