Moving sound bank library - pls advise

Hello there,
I am in desperate need to move my sound library to a bigger faster HHD and I have some questions, pls.

I have copied ALL the content to the new HHD. Now I have it on two locations (for the moment)…

1… Can I just move it and the DAW willl ask me to relocate the sound banks of the VST as I work with them?
2. It is OK to change the “Drive” letter of the new drive and the name as it was on the “older” drive ?
(will WIN 11 see the new renamed Drive letter and name as the "old drive? ) - I hope I explained well my situation / my intention…

What is the best way to move the Sound banks to a NEW drive besides just copying it to a new location?

thanks for the support

  1. In general yes
  2. Yes, do this. As long as the file’s pathname remains exactly the same the VSTis will mostly think that nothing has changed.