Moving staff lines

I’m a Sib user transferring to Dorico. I’m currently using Dorico SE as a bit of a trial to get used to it before taking the plunge with Pro. I was wondering if there’s a way to move lines to achieve something like the attached image. Is this something that can be done in engrave mode, which I know is unavailable on SE? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks!
Sib line.jpg

Yes, that’s easy to achieve with the lines tool.

Welcome to the forum, Ollie.

At the top of the Horizontal Lines panel - even in SE - there are Start and End options.
Try adding notes on the middle staff line where you want the line to start and end, then set the Start and End line options to notehead, then attach a line to your selected notes. You can then scale the notes down to 1% (from the Common section at the far left of the properties panel) and flick their “Suppress playback” property on.

Thanks for the help Leo, that worked perfectly!