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I’ve written a hymn, with a vocal line with four verses, and accompaniment. I’ve ended up with one single measure on the second page, but there is clearly room on the first page to fit the whole thing. I tried adjusting note spacing, but that did not work. I tried setting “fixed number of systems per frame” to 3, but that didn’t do anything. As an experiment I tried setting that to 4 instead, and it smashed two of my systems one on top of the other. I tried setting “fixed number of bars per system” to 3, and that sort of worked except then there wasn’t enough room for the lyrics and so they were squished together. No clue what else to try. Any thoughts? I’m attaching the project. Do note that it’s basically in free meter, but I did divide phrases into measures using the “tick” barline.

God the Father, Heavenly Source.dorico (695.0 KB)

  1. Get rid of the manual vertical spacing in Engrave (click the red squares and press Delete for each.
  2. Get rid of the footer text frame and expand the music frame to the bottom margin.
  3. In Layout, uncheck the custom casting off (2 measures/line).
  4. Reduce the System-to-system vertical spacing from 10 to 6.

That did the trick, thank you!