Moving the bank of tracks selected for control

Is there any quick way to make the track banks (the white vertical line to the left of the tracks) that can enable you to jump many tracks?

Currently I only know the way to do this is using bank buttons of a mackie controller, but let’s say there are 100 tracks and you want the faders to control the bottom 8 tracks, but the bank in Cubase is selected on the top tracks, how do you make them go to the bottom?


Using an AVID Artist Control gear, I’m able to jump to any track using the “track” tab in the touch Display. This shows 24 tracks in one page.
The hardware buttons allow to “bank” the jump by 12 tracks max. Does need 1 second to jump from track 1 to track 100 - 9 strokes… :wink:
As well there is a hardware button to go to "end - shift+end - to jump from any track to the last track.

Sure, other controllers have this opportunity as well. :exclamation:


Thanks,… so there are controllers smart enough to do this, but I guess no Cubase software function that does this? Because then it would just be a matter of mapping the controller to that function.