Moving the eLicence of bundle VSTi in Cubase6.5

Hi…I’m new here. I’ve searched the forum for similar questions but I couldn’t find any answers.
Please go easy on me. Thanks in advance.

I am thinking of VST system Linking 2 computers.
My main PC has 6.5 and the other has 4 studio installed.

I want to use my main PC for audio tracks ,fx and MIDI sequencing,
sub PC(4 studio) for VST instruments so I am wanting to move
Retrologue and Padshop(I got them bundled when I updated my C6 to 6.5 online)
licences from 6.5 dongle to 4 studio dongle but I can’t.

When I open up eLicencer Control Center, it just displays 6.5 licence.
No Retrologue nor Padshop can be seen. Do I HAVE to use these VSTi s with C6.5?

Any clues will be appreciated. Please help me…

Hi ChiefMeat,

the Padshop and Retrologue are part of the Cubase 6.5 license.

You will have to plug in the USB-eLicenser in order to use them.



Marcus is right. And I would like to say: don’t use very old, and not very useful VST System Link. Try to use VSL Vienna Ensemble Pro, which is much more better (if you have Windows 7 on both machines; this is not compatible with Win XP). Try the Trial version. :wink:

Thanks guys!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess I have to run those 2 vsts in my host machine…

I hope the VSL Vienna Ensemble Pro can link Windows and Mac machines togather.
My main machine has Windows7 but my other machine has OSX installed.

Yes, it can.

yes it can… I use for Win7 and Lion. Works perfect