Moving the position of a new instrument in a score

Hello all,

I’ve added a new player - a bassoonist - to an existing flow’s player setup. However, Dorico is showing the bassoon part on the score at the very bottom of the page. I’ve moved the player to be in the woodwind section in the Players column yet in the score, the bassoon part is still on the bottom of the page.

In the Steinberg docs, it seems that moving an instrument’s position in a score should be easily achieved yet it is not working for me.

I have the bassoon player configured for Flows: included in all flows and Layout: full score layout and bassoon layout.

This is the Steinberg help text…

You can change the order in which players appear in the score in the Players panel.


  1. In the Players panel, select the player card of the player whose position in the score you want to change.
  2. Click and drag the player card upwards/downwards in the panel.

An insertion line indicates where the player will be positioned.

Many thanks for any help!!

Welcome to the forum, Rosanne.
Is it possible that your score layout has a custom player order? See Setting custom player orders

Hi, Many thanks for your reply. I did not have a custom player order set up but your response led me to find the toggle in the layout section whereby I found the Players: Use custom player order box. This quickly let me move the bassoon part to the correct position.

Thanks so much for your help. Crisis averted.

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I’m not suggesting that this is what might have occurred because I have not seen your score, but in my initial stages of using Dorico I sometimes accidentally dragged the card in the Layouts panel (on the right of the screen) instead of the card in the Players panel (on the left of the screen). The result was the same as you experienced, namely that the player position in the score did not change.

I just experienced the same thing a half hour ago. I had to drag the player back-and-forth several times, and then it showed up in the correct order.

Yes, this is my first actual score in Dorico - I’m coming from Sibelius. I believe my initial layout config for this piece was pretty muddy - more a matter of not quite understanding what I was doing as far as setting up a score.