Moving the Stationary Cursor

Hello All,

Is there a way to move the stationary cursor so I may see more of what is going to be played and less of what already has played?

For me, the stationary cursor centers to the project area and not the screen, therefore it’s not really centered on my screen and slightly to the right. It would be nice to move the cursor to the left so that perhaps I could see 25% of what already has played and 75% of what is coming.


+10000000! I asked for this while back.

This would be extremely helpful and save me and many people a ton of time,
specially in multi monitor setups. We are always fidgeting for position because
of the Zoom size and position of the play head, while recording and editing.

I don’t think it would be difficult for Steinberg to implement this.

This would be very nice.



I’d love to see an option where one could set the amount of “pre-view” and “post-view” for the stationary cursor linked to the amount of “pre-view” and “post-view” for the cursor in the waveform-meters in the MixConsole.

Niek/ Amsterdam

+1 of course :wink:

Maybe consider moving this post to the feature request section (even thow it’s not the first time this is requested)



yeah would be nice!