Moving to a new computer

Hi, I have bought a new computer and will be moving everything to it and scrapping the old one. I shall be moving from Windows 7 to 10. I have asked elsewhere about Cubase, but what do I do about my Wavelab Elements 9?

I have the elicenser Control Center and I presume I just plug the dongle into the new computer and download the elicenser Control Center onto the new computer. Then how do I get Wavelab 9 reinstalled? The other point is that I have CD montages saved, so do I just transfer those files, and, if so, to what location?

Any help much appreciated!

Yes, you are assuming right about the eLCC and installing it on the new computer, BUT make sure that you have your license for WL Elements 9 on the dongle. This, because for Elements it can also reside on your Soft eLicenser which is located on your current computer’s HD. So make sure to transfer it to the dongle if not there already.

To reinstall WL, you use the .exe file you kept, or otherwise download it again from your personalized area on MySteinberg under ‘Downoads’. And don’t forget the latest update.

For the montage files I’d suggest: check where they are now, install WL on the new PC and put them in the same location there. But really, you can put them wherever you want - but also the used audio files relevant to the montage need to be in the same relative location then…


On your new computer, please go to Download and install the latest version of the eLicenser Control Center.

If WaveLab Elements 9 happens to be on a SeL instead of a dongle, please follow the reactivation process here:

You can download WaveLab Elements 9 here:

You can also download the latest update here:

The download can also be found in your MySteinberg account.

Thank you.

Many thanks for the help guys, much appreciated!

Yes, my Wavelab is on the dongle. This computer move is quite daunting but hopefully it will go smoothly!