Moving to a new voice makes the note disapear

I’m trying to move a note to another voice in my piano part, but it makes the note disappear instead:

I tried both Shift+V and Shift+Alt+V, but same result.

I tried the same in my vocal staff, and it works as expected, so it must be something wrong with my staff / instrument settings. What can this be and how can I fix it?

Here’s the problematic files for further troubleshooting:
file with issue.dorico (1.4 MB)

I should also note that this file is a result of a MIDI import, might be the cause of this.

I had no trouble converting the low A to a downstem voice. You need to right click (control click) to change voice (or use jump bar).
Also, you’re on 4.2 and you should update to 4.3.3.
Here’s the file with the voice change.
file with issue.dorico (734.5 KB)

Same here.

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