Moving to another Dorico installation

I have 2 installations of Dorico, I have for a long time been working on my laptop and customised shortcuts, playback rules in expression maps, added custom playing technics with custom made svg etc…, now I’m going to work a lot on my desktop computer and the installation of Dorico is not customised at all, so my question is
will expression maps attached to scores, open in my other dorico app?
Is there an easy way to transfer the same shortcuts, playing technics, custom made images etc…to my other installation of Dorico?

You can copy the contents of the “Dorico 2” folder from /Users/your-username/Library/Application Support/Steinberg on the computer where you have customisations to the corresponding “Dorico 2” folder on your other computer.

Beautiful, that is indeed an easy solution, thanks Daniel!