Moving to another octave in VST

I have a MIIDI track of flute. but the particular VST for flute does not have MIDI signals in a higher octave so I recorded in a lower ocatave. Now I need to move it to the nex or a highert octave. How can I do this in Cubase 9? I heard that once I convet the track to wave, I can do this. But is it possible to convert a single track to wave? If yes, what is the option and how can I move to next Octave?

Open the MIDI Part in the Key Editor. Select all the notes. Drag them up an octave.

FYI you want to change the octave in MIDI where you are telling the VSTi to play higher ratther than after it becomes audio. While you can pitch shift audio it will produce artifacts which become more pronounced as you increase the amount of shift.