Moving Track Presets from Mac to Windows 11

So I became tired of the sluggish playback issues on my old MacBook Pro and purchased an inexpensive Windows 11 laptop.

I have setup many presets over the years and I would like to move my “Track Presets” folder/directory to my new laptop. I copied the folder from my Mac to - C:\Users<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg - but when I launch Cubase 8.5, right click on an instrument track, select Load Preset - the presets which I named with dates (10-12-22-d e.g.) are not available to select

I tried to double click on one of the presets and chose Cubase as the application to open the file, but it just opened Cubase

My question ultimately is:
How do I make all these presets available on my Windows 11 laptop

BTW, I am leaving to work the lunch shift, so please be patient with me and when I may reply to your response and thanks in advance

I wanted to add a screenshot showing that Cubase sees the directory that I copied from my Mac -

As you can see, nothing shows up in the right hand side of the dialog box

This was my bad, I was right clicking on the wrong track and, thus, I could not see my audio presets on an instrument track