Moving tracks up and down FAST?

Let’s say you have a project with 150 tracks (which is generally small for a typical composer’s full session!) and you have a track at the bottom in the project window. Now let’s say you want to move that track to somewhere near the TOP of the session in the project window. Right now the only way I know is to click and drag that track all the way to the top, and unfortunately Cubase is quite slow with its scrolling that way – you can’t make it go super fast like you can in PT and some other DAWs by dragging it outside of the boundaries of the window (Cubase will stop scrolling in that case, whereas in the other DAWs it goes super fast, which is highly desirable for moving things up and down over large distances).

Is there something I’m missing? Is there a way to move tracks super fast up and down in the project window? The current speed limit is quite slow when you want to move things over large amounts of other tracks, up and down.


Unfortunately there is no other way.

This has always bugged me too, but you can make a work around:

Select the track at the bottom
scroll to top using scroll bar
CTRL+ click the track at the top (now both tracks are selected).
Execute: Channel & Track Visibility/Agents: Show only selected tracks
Move bottom track above top track
Execute: Channel & Track Visibility/Agents: Show all tracks

This seems complicated and long, but if you make shot cut keys for the Visibility agents, it’s pretty fast. Not ideal I agree.

Nice one, I always forget the visibility workaround. :wink:

Perhaps another solution:


  • use the second Track List (“Divide Track List”!)
  • right click on the track you want to move > “move selected track to the other track list”
  • drag/drop to the lower list

    Otherwise the scroll behavior in fine & fast here. (Win 7/8)

Thanks guys. Workarounds, unfortunately, but I guess it’s the best one can do.

It may feel fast to some until you use another DAW (PT, Reaper in my case) that lets you drag outside of the boundaries of the project window at mega-fast speed. This enables you to use both regular graduated speed that you’re used to, and also super fast speed so you don’t have to sit there while you wait to scroll to the top of a 250+ track score. :smiley: It’s exactly the same speed on Mac and Windows (I’ve used both).

It actually works perfectly when dragging the locator left and right in the Project window in Cubase, but not moving actual tracks up and down, events up and down/left and right, etc. It’s a very significant killer in big sessions when you’re used to how highly workflow-friendly this simple function is. Feels like a simple fix, but I’m not very hopeful these days for most things like this. :cry:

Great tip and it sounds like what you described could be turned into a macro with a little effort. Also, I used to have a dog that looked so much like the one you have and mine wore a nearly identical hat, especially when he was out driving. :wink:

Haha. Niko has since passed away sadly. But he was spoiled since the day I got him so I’m sure he had no regrets. Left me the hat though :wink:

I’m sorry to hear about that. :frowning: He looks like he was a great friend and he obviously had good taste. :slight_smile:

nice tips guys. Selecting bottom track, scrolling quickly top ctrl select the top one, now moving the top one to be 2. track. I think it should bring the bottom one up to be the 3rd track right? I’m sure i have done it this way.