Moving tracks via key command? Is it possible?

I’d like to be able to select some tracks, hit a key command and have those tracks moved to the top of the arrange page. Does anyone know if this can be done?

I’ve had a good look at the Project Logical Editor and can’t find anything that would work but just wondering if there are any tricks I don’t know about?

Btw, it’s not sufficient to just hide the other tracks. I specifically need to move my selected tracks.

No. But I can offer a macro - not the ideal way but…
If there’s no soloed tracks it’ll be easy in the PLE + Macros
1.Select your track you want to move and activate Solo for them.
2.Navigate Top - the first Track will be selected, activate Solo for it.
3.Select Soloed tracks
4.Move Selected Tracks to New Folder. So the tracks you want+the First Track will be placed in a Folder right on the Top of the Arrange Page. You have to move them out of the folder manually and delete the extra folder.
If there are Soloed tracks already you can rename the tracks you need, to be able to select them with another condition for selection process…
Or if you use Divided Track List you can Select you tracks then Toggle Track List - your tracks will be moved to the upper section then you can use Key Command Navigate->Top to go to the top quickly and drag your tracks to the top manually.
But there is no way to automate the process completely.


Thank you. this is very helpful.

Actually, Toggle Track List is almost the perfect solution for me. Just such a shame it’s not assignable to a key command. If anyone knows a way of triggering this function from a key command, please tell me!

By the way, the reason I want to do that is for a workaround to be able to show/hide tracks on an Avid S3 controller (This could also work for Avid Artist series). If I find a workable solution, I will make a post about it.