Moving unconnected objects parallel

Hi Dorico team and community,
if I select multiple objects in different places in Write mode using cmd/strg+click and then want to move them via alt+arrows Dorico deletes anything in between. Why is that? I’d expect that the selected objects move/behave as they would if I select and perform the same actions on them one by one.

In case this has been discussed before, I’ll appreciate links or search keywords… and of course your opinion(s) about this behaviour. :slightly_smiling_face:


Try engaging chord input (shortcut Q) before you start moving the items with Alt+left/right.


Hi Daniel, thanks for the eye-opener. Easy solution for almost all cases! The only one where it still does not do what I want/expect would be to move and overwrite some notes in several sections. And for me I’d still not expect anything to be deleted outside the selection, which is not overwritten by the edited selected items themselves, but at least this behaviour is consequently implemented and seems to work program wide as far as I can see. :slight_smile: