Moving VST libraries to external hard drive

Hello everyone,

I came across a few years old topic that more or less talked about the same thing but after going through it I still couldn’t get an understanding about moving VST libraries.

I don’t have enough space on my laptop to add a new 32GB library because I want to keep at least 100GB on my internal C drive.

So I thought I could maybe put this new VST library on my external hard drive or, maybe, even move all my VST libraries (the contents only of course) to external hard drives for I have two 1TB external hard drives that I have no use of (thank you cloud) and my VST libraries would all fit on one external hard drive.

Sorry for asking and the bother but really, through this modern musical journey, though I found out that the best answers come from experience, I hope you understand I want to be sure for this.
I don’t want to move my VST libraries if it may cause a problem, that would be a great loss of time.

Kind regards

I have ALL my VST stuff on an external drive here.

As far as the Cubase specific libraries you can MOVE them using the the Steinberg Library Manager App.

I always leave the Cubase stuff on the internal drive here as well as Logic and StudioOne.

As far as it having issues being on the external drive I really can’t say here.

I do know that ALL my other VSTs work fine on the external HD

  1. Addictive Keys
  2. Addictive Drums
  3. Superior Drummer
  4. Steven Slate Drums
  5. EZ Drummer. etc

Beware of older posts on the topic. The Library Manager is fairly recent and prior to it’s introduction there were a couple of approaches folks used to relocate libraries. Older threads discussing these methods should be ignored now that the Library Manager exists (yeah even some of my own old posts).

The only impact you might see using an external drive is increased Project load times because the VSTi’s are getting their data from a slower drive.

Thank you for your responses!

Great, I’m glad to hear I can move the libraries without messing up.
I’ll give it a try and see how it goes.