Moving Wavelab Elements to a new computer

I am upgrading my computer and want to install my existing Wavelab Elements 7 on the new one.

Can anybody point me to the correct procedure to follow, in terms of deactivation/reactivation etc?

You have to go to your MySteinberg account, choose Activation Re-activation, then WL Elements. All you need is: 1- your old activation code, and 2- the new eLicenser number (that will be installed via the Elements installer).
Remember EULA, only one machine at a time can have Elements installed.

Thanks Marco, I appreciate the reply.

It also seems possible to deactivate via eLicenser. Here is what the help says:

To transfer an existing license from one eLicenser to another, please drag the respective license from the “Licenses” list to the target eLicenser in the “eLicensers” list.
An Internet connection is required to complete the process. Please follow the onscreen instructions.

I don’t suppose it can’t do harm to try that. . .?

On another note, your point regarding the single active license limitation got me thinking; is anybody using Wavelab installed on a virtual machine? If so does anybody have any experience they can share, eg VM configuration, useability, etc?

Are you using a physical USB eLicesner?

Nope, just the software version, and I may be misinterpreting the help. . .

ahh ok not sure about transfering sofware licenses. Sorry man.