Moving Wavelab from Windows to Mac


I installed Wavelab 7 on my PC and now want to move it to my Mac. Does anyone know if it is possible to do so?


You can install from Connect your licensed USB key and you should be all set. Happy Recording!

Thanks Chris!

I successfully downloaded it onto my mac but seem to require an activation code. Can I only get this from my PC if I uninstall it there?

Thanks Chris!

I managed to install Wavelab but I think I need an activation code for it to be installed. Do I need to uninstall Wavelab from my Windows to get one?

Thanks Chris!

Unfortunately I don’t have a licensed USB key any longer. Is there any way I can make a new one? I have registered my Wavelab with Steinberg. Do I also have to uninstall it from my PC to activate it on my Mac?

For Wavelab 7, you would connect your licensed USB key for the program. If you are referring to Wavelab Elements 7, that would be a different installer file and you would then reactivate through your MySteinberg account.

And don’t forget to intall the latest e-Licenseer software on your Mac (if indeed we’re talking full Wavelab with a USB-key).