MOX-6 and Prologue

I just obtained a Yamaha MOX-6. It comes bundled with support from Yamaha’s website-including a download for Prologue VA synth. I downloaded it, but it won’t work. I get a message telling me I must first install Cubase 5 AI.
I have Cubase 6 installed…what’s up with that? :slight_smile:
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

What version of Cubase 6?

Versions down to Elements have prologue already.

I have Version 6 AI. MOX-6 Downloads site offers Prologue. It’s not installing in my computer. It says must first install C5AI.

Hmm, that’s tricky. I doubt it’ll work if you just copy the files over.
I’d try emailing steinberg support.

I contacted Yamaha support. They said it will only work with AI5. It’s low on my list of priorities now. I downloaded Alchemy-that’s working fine.
Now I’m trying to learn how to work with MIDI(or instrument tracks?)

Continuing with this thread…
I have installed 5AI to get the Prologue. The zipped file installer opened up and installed files in my system.
However I can’t find Prologue anywhere in VST plug-ins, Instrument Tracks or Instrument racks.
My program(x86) files show some prologue files such as the preset files but the actual player isn’t showing up.
I went to the plug-in menu under devices and tried entering various paths to these files but I cannot get the prologue synth up and running. Does anyone have any suggestions please?
PS…the MOX-6 came with registration codes for the prologue and the organ simulator(YC-B or some such…) The installation code is 32 digits(roughly) and there are separate codes for the prologue and the organ simulator.
I can’t find anywhere to enter these codes to activate the prologue.

I’m guessing those are entered in the eLCC software. Did the package not come with some installation instruction manual? The process is clearly a bit harder than your usual installation. I’m sorry, I’ve never seen Prologue being offered as a product on its own, so I can’t really help much.

If it were me in this situation, I’d bite the bullet and upgrade to Elements. You won’t regret it.

No, you hit it right on the nose. It came with the 32 digit code. I simply forgot about the e-license install. :blush:
I got it working just fine now. I installed the AI5 and fuddled about for a week until I remembered the elicense part. :blush:
Thanks for responding all. Prologue and YC-3 load up fine now in AI6 too.