MOX6 and Cubase 7 asio connections

The Yamaha MOX6/8 sounds can be fed into Cubase 7 engine via the Workstation’s rear USB port.
…I already use Roland’s Quad-capture, which I would like to continue to use as my primary ASIO interface btw my KRK Rockit8 monitors and Cubase’s outputs.

Question: Can the two co-exist inside Cubase or is it one or the other
I require any info to be dependable as I am thinking of getting the MOX8 but may not if my connectivity preferences conflict with a limitation to use only the audio interface of the Workstation for an output to the monitors.

Does anyone know how to download a manual for the specifications of the MOX6/8?
I have been unable to find one.

You are asking if you can use two audio devices at once? That is possible on Mac using the Aggregate Device in Audio Mid Setup. I don’t know if it is possible on Windows, I think not.

Yes you can in windows.

  1. , select a device (for app 1);open app 1
  2. then, and only then, change audio device in “sound” form Control panel windows, for app2, then open app2

Yes, they work at the same time. Did this in games but not in Cubase.

peppy, you mean by doing that he can use both devices in Cubase? It does seem that that’s what he needs to do.

I said it can be done for some games in Windows.

But in Cubase???

I want to feed A/D sound from the MOX8 to Cubase but get Cubase to feed the monitors driven by my Quad-Capture ASIO.

Is the audio interface in the MOX8 better than the Roland Quad-Capture?

And what about my monitor studio setup with 4 speakers enabling comparisons and other tricks like quad?

Sorry, I thought someone else had replied, but it was you.

Whether it’s just input or just output Cubase can only access one audio device at a time on Windows.

I suppose those that do own an MOX6 can always link to their “other” audio interface using the two channel A/D output in the back of the MOX6 (TRS>?).
But this does not de-activate the MIDI functions of the USB linkwhich has nothing to do with audio. I have many MIDI devices working independently… so it still has functionality. I would have preferred using the USB for audio as well but this stops me from having the other interface working