MoX8 and Cubase AI 5 trouble with USB

I am a very new beginner with both my MoX8 and the bundled software.

I am trying to connect my MacBook os X 10.8.5 via my USB port to the MoX8.

I have added the steinberg driver 1.7.2 successfully.

I have also loaded the studio manager and the remote tools, but haven’t really figured out where that plays in all of this.

Can anyone help me find a way to determine if I have all of my settings correct?

When I create a new project in Cubase, I can actually see the movement when I press one of my MoX keys, but no sound is being recorded.

Completely lost… please help if you can.


There is a special MOX forum. Maybe you can get more info overthere. I am sure ‘BadMister’ of Yamaha is glad to help you with this.

very good idea, thank you so much.

I hope you got help. I run a Mox 6. istarted out with Cubase AI5 then AI6.
I love my MOX, but I just run it direct audio now. I got lost in all of that MIDI control and USB Busses etc etc.
Plus using the MOX as a controller both for VSTs and Cubase itself. It’s all too cumbersome.
Of course if you are going to be using lot’s of Virtual instruments like Halion or Prologue or Padshop then you probably should get the hang of it.
Make sure all of your VST Connections are correct. Make sure all of your settings in the MOX are correct(under utilities)
The whole studio manager and remote tools was waaay too far out for me. But if you are going into the full immersion MIDI DAW thing then you should learn all of that stuff.
It’s an amazing invention that can do lot’s of good things. I don’t have the slightest idea how to use it though.
Good luck. The MOX has tons of power in all of these regards. It’s way more than I ever needed.
I use it now only for the real sounding basses and vintage type keys and EPs. And also for some realistic acoustic percussion effects.

By the way your problem might just be you have your monitors turned off.
What do you mean you see movement when you press keys?
If you are seeing movement in the audio track waveforms, but no sound you might have your monitors off.
That’s the little round button at the track header. It’s next to the record button. Which is a little bigger circle.

I know the feeling Jeff, I don’t use the remote options on my MO6 either. Too much effort to figure out how it works. Besides, with my CC121 it wouldn’t really add much anyway.