MOX8 bringing up various screens in Cubase

Greetings to all,
I have been tampering with my new Yahmaha MOX8 and cubase AI 5 now for a few days and I am getting to know how everything works pretty well. I am however running into a couple of problems.
I am running on a quad core Gateway computer with windows vista.
I think I have all my ports set up correctly… cubase finds my MOX8 no problem… and I am even getting a signal into cubase, (seeing those wonderful volume lines jump in Cubase was a huge success for me:), but now when I hit record, with the record button activated… the darn program won’t do as such and some of the keys in the middle of my MOX8 are calling up all sorts of screens within cubase.
I have tried to find a remote control deactivation within Cubase with no avail … no success. I know this must be the answer for this problem either on the keyboard itself or within Cubase. I have looked over the manual several times and maybe I am not seeing the answer IDK.
So there is this problem and the one of the notes that are being played are not being recorded???
Oh and if you have time the easy-to-set-up guitar and microphone template doesn’t seem to work at all either… lol. I know… a little much but if you have any suggestions. I plug everything as the template suggests and no dice… no sound nothin.
All Best,