MOXF+Ur44 as one asio driver in windows possible ?

recently i bought the yamaha MOXF8 keyboard which i also has built-in audio card, and it uses steinberg/yamaha usb driver.
i also use steinberg ur44 which uses the same driver, (i know in mac computers its possible to use several sounds cards)
im on win 7, is it possible somehow to have this 2 devices work under one asio driver ? (use them at the same time to record/playback essentially)

As far as I know that’s not possible using the steinberg/yamaha driver, but it’ll work with ASIO4all.

yep i know about the ASIO4All, but i dont like it and it makes troubles on my system. thought maybe its possible to use simultaneously Steiny/yamaha devices with their driver…

should be Asio 3 invented really for these !! wonder if its possible at all… (maybe it is if Asio4 all can manage doing it in some way !!)