MOXF USB connection with Cubase


Bad Mister suggested that I reach out to Steinberg in order to resolve problem I’m having
I wonder if you can help me
It happens every time I switch/changed USB ports on my PC which connects to MOXF, whenever I plug in USB cable to new USB port on my DAW computer the editor/Cubase will assigned new prefix to the MOXF by adding single consecutive digit to MOXF6/MOXF8
as a result of changing USB ports my MOXF is now : 7- MOXF6/MOXF8
No matter how I open Yamaha editor - stand alone or from the inside of Cubase the system always generates add on number/prefix which stands before MOXF6/MOXF8
Adding new prefix to MOXF instrument which is already tie up to existing Cubase files causes Cubase to lose ports connection…
Is there any way to cancel the prefix or maybe reset it , I don’t want to have 2 or 3 or 7 or 127 instances of MOXF - only because I changed the PC USB port

Thanks -Peter

My system is :
MOXF88 all drivers up to date , Windows 7 64/pro , Cubase 9.541 Pro

Great ! Nobody knows how to fix my problem … :open_mouth: