MOXF6 control knobs range


I use a MOXF6 with Cubase, but I haven’t really tried using the DAW Remote controller knobs with VSTis in Cubase before. I’m trying to get the hang of it now, but I’ve always run into one problem that seems to make it impractical: the effective speed/range of turning the knob. If I pull up a VSTi and try the “Cutoff” knob, for example, it works, but I have to turn the physical knob around several rotations, just for one full rotation of the control in the VST. I can’t find any way to change a setting or something to adjust that.

Is there a way to fix this? I’d love to start using these controls, but as it is, it would just be more practical to go back to using the mouse for everything.


I’m sorry, I don’t have MOXF at this moment. But as far as I remember (when I had it in the past) there is no option to setup the sensitivity. Sorry.