MOXF8 and cubase does not record midi


I have a Yamaha MOXF8 and cubase A19. I connect the MOXF8 via USB to Cubase. However, no matter what I try I can not get the cubase to record Midi? It worked fine with Mark of the Uniform Performer but I am try to use Cubase as it came free with my keyboard purchase.

Any thoughts?


Hi and welcome,

If you play the keys, can you see incomming MIDI data on the Transport Panel?

Did you install the drivers for the moxf ?

There may be a MOXF8 control to direct the MIDI out via USB vs. 5-pin DIN cable (older versions of the Motif had that toggle). Maybe it is set to go out via the 5-pin DIN MIDI cable instead of USB.


Yes. I installed the drivers. I have tried 5 pin midi in/out and the USB. I can set the keyboard to USB. I have even tried VST. Plays fine but nothing is recording.


Yes. If I play the keyboard, midi data comes into cubase. Just will not record it.


What MIDI In its selected in the Track? All Inputs or other?

I try all midi in and also have tried midi 1.

Can anyone send me screen shots of all of your setting for recording midi?


If you go to preferences /midi/ and enable MIDi Thru Active
What happens then ?

Sorry for very basic questions: Did you
A) arm the track for recording (should have the “red light” dot active in the track label controls), then

B) click the number pad " * " symbol (so the cursor moves and the entire track turns red), then

C) Play MIDI to see if it records?

Also - after steps A and B, did you turn the Mox so the MIDI output is set to USB if using a USB cable?

Also: this helpful site:

Yes. I have the drivers for MOXF