Moxf8 and Cubasis

I have an iPad Air with a lightning to USB camera adapter to connect my MOXF8. Can anyone tell me how I can see the MOXF8 in Cubasis in order to assign it to a midi track.

Hi tmikey101,

Thanks for your message.

Some time ago I’ve commented the following MOXF8 user report, that you’ll find here:

Please let me know if the information is helpful in answering your questions.


Lars, Thanks for the link to the instructional video. I still don’t see the MOXF8 in the instrument list to select it in Cubasis. The list is No Instrument, Inter App Audio, Microsonic, Micrologue, and Mini Sampler. I don’t see it under Inter App Audio either. What am I doing wrong? I followed the instructions in the video explicitly. I am able to hear the IPad Air thru the MOXF8 head phone jack.

Hi tmikey101,

Apple’s Inter-App Audio format allows to route other apps with Cubasis.
Please find additional infos right here (or in Cubasis’ in-app help):

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