Mozart's canon inversus, notation inversus possible?

Hi, is it possible to realize that non common score of Mozart with Dorico ?
This is a funny table reading duet sheet of music !
Thank you !

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Not practically, as there’s no way of rotating symbols/dynamics/clefs 180°. You could rotate them outside of Dorico and then import in as custom playing techniques or something, but I’d be tempted to do more rather than less in a third party PDF-editing application.

Thank you pianoleo !
Perhaps a rotation when creating a custom technique will be possible one day in Dorico 4.0 !:upside_down_face:

If it’s useful, here is Bach’s Quaerendo invenietis, from the Musical Offering; I made a rotated bass clef for this, which I put into Dorico as a graphics frame.

Bach-Quaerendo-invenietis.dorico (408.9 KB)

Yes it is useful ! :clap:
I like the responsiveness in this forum !!
Thank you Stephen !

There are already rotated clefs in the Bravura font, as part of the SMuFL standard.

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Hi ben,
I’m not used to these fonts but i’ll go foward with that !
Thank you !