mp3 acapella sounds weird when imported in cubase.

I purchased an acapella from a download site and it is a 320k mp3 file. When i play it in windows. it plays and sounds as it should. when i put it into a project in cubase, it introduces some noise artifacts throughout the length and it doesnt sound as full and powerful when playing in cubase as it does in windows.

This is the first time i have come across this issue, although a friend of mine had the same problem with 5.01 with another downloaded acapella.

is there some settings we need to set? or resample it? usually i can throw in an acapella into c6 and it plays flawlessly. now this acapella, ive tied to place into the project window and it sounds like shit.

any ideas?

I did have trouble with the first session i loaded a mp3 into but havnt had any issues since. I didnt change anything so im not sure what the problem was. Im on osx though.