MP3 Audio Books.. Chapters???

Hey There Audio Master Minds,

I have an audio book that is destined for digital sale to ipods and other mp3 players. The client’s host for the book’s digital sale and delivery told me that they only deliver an exact copy of whatever I send them. Their email didn’t say anything else… I suppose I can give them a call or write them for some specifics… hmmmm

I have read about but not tested a MP3 ID3v2 tag writer and it seems I can imbed chapters into the mp3 files so this would keep things simple (I hope), meaning one file with chapter tags enabling listeners to skip around.

Anyone have any experience with this?

If I generate a test mp3 with chapter tags would you be willing to load it onto your mp3 players and give it a whirl? I will make the mp3 fun to listen to and be certain to make chapters you definitely want to skip!

thanks a bunch!

NO !!
Hope that helps… :mrgreen:

Serious…it’s totally new to me…i’ll “google” it !!!


Hi Tom

I have no hardware media player, but I use a variety of software ones, so I’ll be hapy to run whatever sample you want to send through them.

My interest in audio books is that I’ve been doing them. Dracula, Pride and Predator, Jane Eyre, Wuthering Hots. At the moment, I’m doing sense and Sensibility … so I’d certainly be keen to join you in your present questioning. At the moment, I’m just doing sets of mp3s … two or three Chapters per file. Nothing fancy, so I’d be excited to improve the presentation.

take care
Glyn :slight_smile:

As far as I am aware, it’s not possible to add the equivalent of track markers to MP3s.

If anyone knows whether it’s now changed, please provide a link.

Thanks Glyn. I am going to try today to create a mockup mp3 with imbedded chapter tags. Also, I have a bunch more music that ya may like to hear.

Will keep you posted once I get to it today. Packed day today so I may not get to it but will do my best to try.

OK but how many MP3 players (software or hardware) support them, and how many tag editors can add them?

I’d wager they’d be few and far between.

That was six years ago, and I didn’t know it existed.

Having seen many people ask about this sort of thing online (mainly for indexing continuous mixes) and seen the replies given, I think it would be save to say that most people are unaware of it - and so it stands to reason that support would be sparse.

Yay! :slight_smile:

Hmmm… perhaps AAC would be a better format…

My head is fried from editing and mixing, Glyn. I’ll have to get ya that stuff in a few days… possibly Monday.
Are you into hiphop? Got some cool things happening in that genre lately. :sunglasses:

Oof… just got cleaned up and a beer out is soooo calling my name!

Hiphop … sure thing. It’s in my sights to do some in the next year or two - it’s exciting in its ‘pure’ form … whatever that means, and then there’s the fusions it finds itself making.

You have a good rest and Beeeer. I’ll be patient.

I’m kicking back, myself … just did an hour of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, and need to recover from the drama Queening and Stagey Lovvie stuff … it sure as hell AIN’T the blues.

Oh Soddit … piccies/mp3s or it didn’t happen etc. LOL. Turn the lights low and enjoy this with your Beer …

… Willoughby … the erstwhile suitor and abandonner of Marianne, has turned up out of the blue and demanded entrance and conversation with Elinore … Marianne’s sister … to explain that he had left her, not because he did not love her, but because he’d had the opportuniy to marry a lady of ‘fortune’. He has arrived to confess his blackuardiness and scoundrellyness.

Take care
Glyn :slight_smile: