MP3 batch process %filename% problem

I’m about to do some massive MP3 encoding, and there is one little problem that I have with encoding.

I set the file name to be the title field in the metadata, but the resulting title is always %filename%

Am I doing something wrong? It worked as expected in previous versions of Wavelab.


Meta data has been completly renewed in version 8. What you want to do is of course possible, but variable name as changed.
For instance:

Thanks for the .PNG I never would have found it otherwise! That problem is solved.


And it’s possible to use the CD text track title for the filename?

Yes, look at the menu of Variables.

Ok, thanks PG! :slight_smile:

What I need is to get the output filename as in the CD text track name…
Imagine, I’ve an album with some clips with references names, and then the client gave the final names and I put on the CD text to burn a CD. Then he ask to render the montage as mp3 files, with the meta-data on it, using what we put on the CD text, using the name as the filename. So, is this possible?

I think the following feature could be useful to you:
But check the documentation.

I tried it… But no luck…
It gives me the clips name on the file name…

It gives me the clips name on the file name…

What do you mean?

What I want is to have the file name as the one that I put on the CD text.
But when I render the audio montage to mp3 file, using the meta-data, the file name is the same as the clip name…

For example:
Clip name: Baby (master)
CD text title: Baby baby

result: Baby (master).mp3

What I would like to have: Baby Baby.mp3

WaveLab offers 1000 possibilities, and you want 1001 :wink:

I must say I find this request not exotic by any means. Personally I wouldn’t use it much, but it just makes sense to use the CD-text data for MP3 file names.

I’ve to do this very often…
Please PG… :nerd: