mp3 convert on loading

is there a way to avoid that WL converts an mp3 on loading into wav format?
working with lots of quite long mp3 files it takes ages to convert and draw the wave.


That’s not possible, mp3 has to be converted to an editable format.
Note: with the cache option, reopening mp3 files is instantaneous.

It is possible though with freeware mp3DirectCut. Works like a charm and doesn’t decode - I used it in the XP days where long mp3’s would result in files too big to handle for WL. And to quickly edit podcasts for in the car…

This is a specialized type of editor. It’s only ok for leveling and cutting on quantized mp3 frames. You can’t use plug-ins, and the result is not perfect when using VBR files, AFAIK. This requires a very different approach and would cost too much development time.

Oh, but I wasn’t saying it’s in any way comparable to WaveLab. Nor do I want those functions in WL; it’s just a tiny extra tool for some basic functions. Nice to have on the side…

i searched the Help for anything to do with ‘cache’ and ‘mp3’ without any luck.
where do i make the settings to facilitate instantaneous mp3 draw?

Options/Folders/Cache folder/Use cache folder for decoded files

thanks uwe. that worked.
but why can i not find any reference to that in the manual (program based or in the pdf file) when i search for ‘cache’ or ‘cache folder’? yes, once i’m there in the menu i can find out what that function does, but how to get there in the first place??

Normally this is activated by default the first time you use WaveLab.
Maybe it was deactivated by mistake?