mp3 e-licence

Hi there,

I’m having a frustrating time trying to export a song as an mp3 file. I have cubase le (came with a zoom mic) and have bought a mp3 encoder and activated it on my e licencer control centre. For some reason cubase isn’t recognising it. I have also noticed it says expiration date in Oct 2016 on the mp3, cubase and wave lab but I can still record on it? I only bought the zoom around the same time.

Please help, I just need to get some important music files into a mp3 / uploadable format.


You say you bought a mp3 encoder. Did you purchase the MP3 Upgrade Patch from Steinberg or something else? Also, you mentioned Cubase LE but some more detail about your software might be helpful.


Hi Prock, thanks for getting back to me.
Yes I bought it through the website that you put up. The E-licence is showing it however cubase doesn’t seem to recognise it even though I’ve activated it (I think). I’m using version LE8 that came free with the zoom mic that I bought.