mp3 encoder advice needed.

hello folks,i was just wondering which mp3 encoder people use.i tried winlame and used different settings but was disappointed with the result seemed like a huge slice of quality disappered.any tips or links would be appreciated.thanks.paul.

I’m pretty happy with Steinbergs.

studio 4 doesnt have one.

You can get it here.
I can’t comment on the quality of other encoders.

Studio 5 didn’t either. It has a free trial that has to be upgraded. Pretty cheap though as you can see from jaslan’s link.

i thought the main difference between lame and the fraunhoffer version was the paying if licences.i am open to correction.any tips or tricks when encoding.i have a feeling that my poor results may be down to my mix and have gone back to take a better look at that before proceeding to the mp3 stage again.

I think you are on the right track with that statement. I’m no MP3 expert, but I’ve found that if a mix sounds good as a WAV, it is going to sound good as an MP3. I’m not saying I can’t hear a difference (because I can), but do you think the average listener who hasn’t heard your mix directly from the project on studio monitors will be able to tell?

As far as the Steinberg MP3 patch goes, I think the cost is worth it just to have a convenient way to directly mixdown to MP3 from Cubase.

When I had Studio 5, before I purchased the MP3 patch, if I needed an MP3 I would just mixdown to WAV and use a freeware converter. On Windows I’ve had success with this one in the past …

… just make sure you do a “custom” install to avoid the crapware :wink: .