MP3 Encoder Expired - Cubase 7 Full bought

Hi, hope this is not answered somewhere else, I tried to search. I bought the Cubase 7 Full boxed version 13th of April and got it a week ago or so, went through the installation and registration and so far it looks good. The “only” problem I see now is that there is this MP3 Encoder showing red and expired in eLicenser Control Center, expired 20th of April (Remaining starts 20). Is this part of the full package or is it normal that I should buy the product, to get it fully registered? It is showing under Soft-eLicenser not under USB-eLicenser so probably the reason is that, but that’s why I’m asking if this is part of the Cubase 7 or not? As I have couple of products installed when I bought CI1 audio interface and they are showing there too, with the MP3 Encoder.

Is this the first version of Cubase you’ve installed on your PC?

Unlimited MP3 encoding comes with Cubase 7. If you try to encode in MP3 it should work, even though you haven’t activated the MP3 license. My eLicense CC also shows a demo version of the MP3 encoder because I previously had an older version of Cubase installed.

This is the first version of Cubase I have bought and installed on this PC but I do have Sequel LE and Wavelab LE installed too, those came with the audio interface I bought before buying Cubase 7. Might be(?) that the demo version or now expired MP3 encoder came with those other two softwares. No problem of course then if the encoding works, have to check it out. I have a lot to learn with this software:)
Thanks for the quick answer.

I have the same issue. How does one get rid of the expired trial licenses so as to use the full version?