MP3 Encoder- Not working!

Hi there,

I got Cubase LE free with an Asio iO2 interface a few months ago (and a number of people on this forum have already been immensely helpful with HAlion issues- thanks!), and was aware that unless I purchased the MP3 encoder, I could only really create .wav or .wma files. However, even after paying for and downloading the MP3 Encoder from Steinberg’s Website, I’m still getting a pop-up saying “No More MP3 Files”- and in fact Windows Media Player is also now claiming it can’t play the wma files because of some coding issue.

I’ve run the mp3 endcoder repair thing and it’s still not working- the wma problems actually started after I did this.

Any help as to what to do would be really appreciated- my normal tactic with downloaded software is simply to re-download it but I refuse to fork out another £15!

Thanks Guys.


IIRC, that was for LE1, not LE4. A number of people have done the same in the past.

For what it’s worth, I do my MP3 encoding in iTunes. Just set the iTunes import parameter to MP3, then import your audio file in whatever format, in this case usually wma, and iTunes gives you a pop up saying that it’s going to convert it to MP3, you say yes please and it puts it in your iTunes library as an MP3 - simples !!

I’m actually using LE5, not 4. Sorry, I should have made that clear.

And thanks, I hadn’t thought of using iTunes

is it even possible to redownload the encoder? kinda have a bad thing with itunes so i rather not use it

Google LAME.

ya what if i already did that and im only finding old links and a link to the store itself…please if you wanna flame or troll go somewhere else

Flame or troll??? That’s the thanks I get for pointing you to a free encoder? :unamused:

oh my bad …i thought you were calling me lame or something, sorry for that hehe

I don’t want to re-download as I think that would entail paying another£15…

As I said before, the MP3 encoder was for LE1 and will do you no good no matter how many times you download it. Free alternatives have been mentioned.