MP3 Encoder problem now...aarggh! :(

Out of the blue, for no reason whatsoever, I can no longer export an audio mixdown in an MP3 format with the following error being reported…

"The license required for application ‘MP3 Encoder C’ was deactivated, because it needs to be validated.
Should the licenseserver validate the licenses now?

You can use the ‘Validate License Usage Periods’ wizard of the ‘eLicenser Control Center’ to validate this license later."

I’ve entered our valid Activation Code to no effect. How do we resolve this?
We have a full purchased version of Cubase Elements 7.

Appreciate any advice offered. Thank you.


License for the MP3 export was for the limited time only (Trial). You need to buy the permanent license, if you want to use it. Since Cubase 8, the permanent license is partof Cubase already.