MP3 Encoder Trial

I bought a Zoom Tac 2r That came with cubase 8LE and have spent considerable time learning it but now when I export the recording it tells me I have a limited number of trials for the MP3 encoder. Is this normal or have I got to activate a licence that I have missed?

The CB LE version does not come with unlimited .mp3 mixdowns (maybe 30 mixdowns or 30 days worth, I don’t remember exactly, but I’m sure it is stated in your op manual). You can purchase the .mp3 upgrade patch though. Only $16 so it’s not a bad deal if you want to stay with the LE version.

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Since Cubase 8, there should be MP3 encoder in all Cubase derivatives, as far as I know. At least it is part of Cubase Elements.

Now I don’t know. The available information in the manual and what is on-line is conflicting :wink:

Here is a partial copy of the Cubase operation manual for versions Elements 8, AI 8, and LE 8, page 557 that deals with MP3 exports…

“MP3 Export
This version of Cubase provides a function for exporting your audio mixdown as MP3 files. This function is limited to 20 trial encodings or a trial period of 30 days from the installation date (whichever ends first). After this period, the function will be disabled until you purchase the MP3 encoder for Cubase.
•When the MP3 format is selected and you click the Export button, a window opens showing you how many trial encodings you have left. You can upgrade to an unlimited MP3 export function by clicking the “Go to Online Shop” button in the dialog.
This will take you to Steinberg’s online shop where you can purchase the upgrade. Note that a working internet connection is required.”
I think Steinberg needs to update it’s comparison charts and the online shop.

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