MP3 Encoder

I’ve looked all around for a way to activate the MP3 Encoder. I guess it was installed with Cubase AI6. Anybody know where this info is located? It’s not on the MySteinberg site that I can see.


Wrong Forum !

I tried posting in a Cubase forum (a few times) a while back and was blocked. So here I am trying to get info anywhere
I can.

I just tried again. There is no button to post new or reply to a topic other than the UR Series forum.
Any moderators available to answer?[keyword_search]=MP3

Thanks for the link, but I’m still left guessing if the MP3 encoder is a demo or not. The newest Cubase AI mentioned
is version 4. Too bad that Steinberg doesn’t tend this site very well or easily answer questions.

Hi! Maybe you can try Steinbergs Shop, to buy an Mp3 upgrade patch.

Maybe this link: