mp3 export cuts resultant file short?

Anyone else have this problem?

Export a wav. All ok.

Export same locator range but mp3, the resultant file is cut short by a few secs?

It must be something obvious please can someone help?


I’ve seen that once or twice, I think I fixed that by just moving the locator a little and exporting again. It’s odd though.

Yes that the workaround I use. It’s not the best though as I’m mastering a file and want the file to end bang on silence. To much trial and error required with setting the locator.

This bug has been present from at least 6.0.

Steinberg, is this a known issue and is there a fix?


Nooo! So that’s why I keep getting empty mp3’s when I export extreme short sounds? When making sfx for games I often work with very short sounds, ogg’s are always fine, but sometimes the mp3’s are empty files. Well now I know why. Very annoying though.