mp3 export doesn't work cubase 9.5.20

win10 pc

Works fine here.

Can you try to export 2-3 files in a row?
First it worked for me too but the second time it didn’t work. Neither with or without real time ticked.

Working fine here too

Mine is working fine.
Win 7, 9.5.20
Make sure that Stereo Out is selected for output of the track or tracks you are exporting.
Sometimes I record a while project to Stereo for reference and further work using a a New audio track which gets the input from the “Loop In” option of my audio interface, a Focusrite Clarett 8PreX.
To avoid possible feedback issues I select “No-Bus” for Output, yeah redundant but it has happened that I mess up, so safety first.
Then I have to make sure to go to the audio track with the recording and select Stereo Out before exporting the audio track to mp3 for using in my car, etc.
Cubase will go through the whole export process but it will be a silent mp3 file if I forget. LOL.
I don’t think I can export to mp3 a project that plays midi, VST instruments and audio tracks without first bouncing the whole thing to a Stereo Audio track.