MP3 Export -> ID3 Tag Not Working?

I am not asking for MediaMonkey support. But I need to understand how Cubase exports ID3 info to other programs.

Image 1: The export window for MP3 audio, with the ID3 Edit window open. Notice I’ve filled out several things.

Image 2: I’ve imported the resulting mp3 audio file into an audio program called MediaMonkey. Inside MediaMonkey, I’ve looked at the properties of the file. Notice 2 things: 1) The Artist and Album title are missing in the brown highlighted area. 2) Much information that was entered before the export from Cubase is not listed here. The date is 2017 instead of 2020. The Artist and Album title fields aren’t populated.

Image 3: In Media Monkey, I’ve selected the audio file and gone into the Properties settings. I’ve re-inserted all of the things I put into the Cubase ID3 Edit window. Once I saved these changes, the Artist and Album fields are finally populated in the brown highlighted line at the top of the window.

Why don’t the ID3 items I entered in Cubase translate to the other program? Where did the information for those fields go? Is the Cubase Export / ID3 Tag Edit working correctly?

Thanks in advance!

I have the same issue with Cubase 10 no longer showing ID3 tags.
In previous versions this worked so I’m wondering what’s going wrong?


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